Advisory Board

Danny Glover

Estela Bravo
Documentary filmmaker

Piero Gleijeses
Professor, Author

James Early
Consultant: Cultural Democracy and Statecraft Heritage Policy, African Diaspora

Jane Franklin
Historian, author of Cuba and the U.S. Empire: A Chronological History

Jose Pertierra

Thomas Gumbleton
Former Bishop of Detroit

Bill Hackwell
Photo Journalist

Chelis Lopez
Cultural Worker, host of Radio KPOO in San Francisco and Radio Bilingue in Oakland

Michael Parenti
Author and lecturer

Paul Teitelbaum
Information Technology Professional

Nelson Valdes
Professor Emeritus, Retired, Sociology

Gayle Mclaughlin
Former Mayor of Richmond, CA

Peter Schey
Executive Director, Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law

Cristina Vazquez
International Vice President of Workers United-SEIU

Felix Salvador Kury
Program Director & Faculty Advisor, Clinica Martin-Baro, SFSU-UCSF

Clarence Thomas
Past Secretary-Treasurer
ILWU Local10

Daniel Kovalik
Labor and human rights lawyer, teaches International Human Rights at the University Of Pittsburgh School Of Law

Rick Sterling
Investigative Journalist

Roger D. Harris
Writer, Task Force on the Americas Board Member

Stephen Edward Kimber
Canadian journalist, editor and broadcaster and professor at the University of King’s College in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Arnold August,
Arnold August, Canadian author of Cuba-U.S. Relations: Obama and Beyond

Ramon Gorsfoguel
Professor, University of California Berkeley

Christopher Helali
Graduate student and Independent Journalist

Netfa Freeman
Coordinating Committee member in the Black Alliance for Peace

Paul Larudee, Treasurer, Syria Solidarity Movement

Vijay Prashad
Executive Director, Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research.

Catherine Murphy

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