Appeal of the Network in Defense of Humanity on March 1, 2022

Defense of HumanityThe Network in Defense of Humanity welcomes the efforts of dialogue undertaken by the Russian Federation and Ukraine, with the aim of seeking negotiated solutions to a historic conflict, which has worsened over the last eight years and has been intensified by recent events related to the Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics and demilitarization.

In the certainty that even the most complex situations can be resolved within the framework of respect for the United Nations Charter, we urge the parties to maintain these peacemaking efforts.

We call on third parties, especially NATO, to maintain all their actions within a framework of respect for international law and respect for previous agreements. The decision to deploy, for the first time, the Response Force of this military alliance, at the very moment when the parties are sitting in dialogue, is a clear boycott of the search for negotiated solutions and shows that, on the contrary, its objective is to attack Russia.

We warn about the warmongering onslaught deployed by the United States in Eurasia and other parts of the world.

That country, its military industrial complex and its war corporations are once again bent on resorting to war and occupations in an effort to maintain their declining hegemony at all costs as an increasingly multi-polar world grows stronger. In turn, the European Union, together with the United States, has become a belligerent party and contributes directly to exacerbate the conflict, underestimating that igniting the flame of war in its own area will bring serious repercussions for its own population.

We point out that the economic war, contemplates coercive measures that benefit and are even led by private actors, who only act according to their own interests, as is the case of the international transaction system Swift and other instances of the financial sector, which intervene in censorship operations, confiscations and other special economic measures contrary to international law and human rights of the affected peoples.

We denounce the communication censorship, the telecommunication and media blockades, such as those affecting the Russian agencies RT and Sputnik. Contrary to their responsibility to protect the right to information and communication, the European Union and the United States, together with private companies, owners of network applications, are acting against fundamental rights and freedoms, such as freedom of thought and conscience, which are clearly affected by censorship.

We warn about the role of corporate and transnational media, which have become vectors of war. The information that is disseminated is varnished by the ideology, interests or plans of those who produce and transmit it. The Weapons of Ideological Warfare are aimed directly at disinformation, shooting at the heads of the most uninformed, while others are aimed at the “heart” and defeated with sensibleness. In this context, prejudice, xenophobia and other forms of discrimination win.

We call on citizens to fight against the circulation of media fallacies. Every image, every text, every news item must show place and date of its registration, as well as authorship, financing and technical data.

Responsibility for their production and dissemination must be transparent. It is essential to know how the information was produced and to what plans and interests the weapons of ideological-media warfare respond.

We call on the whole world to defend peace in all its dimensions. It is time to speak out insistently for political solutions, within the framework of international law and diplomacy.

It is time to take a stand for the defense of life and to achieve this, an international mobilization is urgently needed to: stop the arms industry, limit the supreme powers that have been granted to the military industrial complex of the United States, NATO and the like. It is urgent to put an end to the use of war as a solution to conflicts.

Luis Britto García for the Executive Secretariat of the Network in Defense of Humanity

Source: Red in Defense of Humanity – Venezuela, translation Resumen Latinoamericano – English