“In Europe everything is done for tyranny, here it is for liberty; which certainly makes us enormously superior; they support thrones, kings; we support peoples, republics; they want dependence, we want independence”.

-Simón Bolívar inLima, February 23,1825

President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela; Nicolás Maduro Moros

Dear Mr. President:

It is possible that we have not been able to express sufficiently our solidarity and appreciation for the anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist struggle that the government that you lead is permanently promoting through your responsibility as president and legitimate depositary of the confidence of your people. It is necessary today to express our recognition of your courage in the maelstrom of adverse scenarios produced at great speed and with great diversity. Under the convictions, matured by the example of our peoples and our heroes, there is no room for flattery or for the “cult of personality”. On the contrary, our REDH was born to make criticism an emancipatory tool at the service of the people, especially fraternal criticism that perfects social struggles. Embracing this original slogan, it is appropriate today to recognize the courage and determination to take a measure that corresponds to the responsibility of your popular mandate, to defend the most cherished principles on which our struggles have developed, such as the self-determination of the peoples and the rejection of all foreign interference in internal affairs, which make for sovereignty and independence. In this sense, we applaud with standing ovation the expulsion of the Ambassador of the European Union in Venezuela, in accordance with the powers that you have as President of the Republic and provoked by the unacceptable interference of the diplomat in the internal affairs of your country.

We also repudiate the reaction of the European Union which, obeying the mandates of US imperialism, instead of reviewing its illegal and arbitrary measures, opts for retaliation, behaving as a colony of the US.

We know that not a few have abandoned you and the Revolution, some through betrayal, others through mercenary means and others, sadly, for not “staining” themselves with Chavismo, which has also been demonized on a global scale. We know how much it hurts. They became lukewarm or traitors. A very despicable fickle reaction has cooled, or silenced, the once “fraternal”, “supportive” voices, who swore to fight without fatigue and today are timorous and fearful to put it bluntly.

We all know and understand the historical conditions in which you took on the task of continuing the leadership of the Socialist and Bolivarian Revolution. We all know of the pain and difficulties that, both personally and politically, were constantly having to be endured, confronting the worst period of imperial aggression against the Venezuelan people and their leaders. We all know the firmness, courage and intelligence with which they faced “guarimbas”, “sanctions”, blockades, defamations, assassination attempts, invasions, unlimited slander and media warfare.

Venezuela has given us examples of dignity in the face of imperial logic, including its example of internationalist political clarity and a paradigm of our historical anti-imperialist struggles, which we must not forget. That is why this fraternal and supportive letter, comrade President, is intended to reiterate our affection and political recognition in Defense of Humanity, as well as our unwavering commitment, whenever imperialism and domination manifest themselves, to always be on the side of resistance, on the side of peace, on the side of emancipation, a path that we will continue to walk together.

Our America, February 26, 2021