The Path of Sovereignty and Dignity has been Recovered

From the Network in Defense of Humanity, we join the deep emotion and the collective embrace that the peoples of the world give to Bolivians for recovering their democracy and the path of sovereignty that since 2006 they have been building with so much effort and dignity.

A democratic path that was interrupted by the thirst for oligarchic and colonial revenge of a de facto government; whose interests were concentrated in its privileges and totally alienated from the people. Today that group servile to imperial interests is defeated by the greatness of the brave Bolivian people.

After 11 months of dictatorship, the indigenous, peasant and worker political subject is once again leading his story, by reversing a coup d’état through the popular vote.  Today they are giving a lesson in dignity and consciousness: the recovery of national sovereignty in the midst of a capitalist crisis and a serious pandemic that is striking all of humanity. Today the progressive political forces and the courageous Bolivian people, evicted with violence and support by the US government, the Organization of American States and all the right-wing in the region, are giving an example of dignity and full exercise of the democratic game.

The coup d’état was the work of US imperialism and the Organization of American States (OAS) through renewed interference. It was an attack against the people and their leaders by exercising a fierce and criminal political and judicial persecution complete with threats to the life and integrity of all Bolivian citizens, the assassination of 37 people, 860 injured, attempts at proscription, more than a thousand illegal detainees, the imprisonment of former authorities in the Mexican embassy without the right to safe conduct, the exile of hundreds of political and social leaders and thousands of other humiliations.

All these crimes against humanity should be charged to the long record of coups d’état accumulated by the OAS…Record renewed by its current Secretary-General, Luis Almagro.  We accompany the denunciation before the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and we hope for prompt answers to leave behind the interference.

We want to send to the Bolivian people the immense embrace that all good and hard-working people of the world have. We will not forget the lives lost, the people injured and imprisoned, the families mutilated by the thirst for revenge and racism.

The Bolivian people is a people with memory, with organization, with dignity won through struggle and thanks to the conscience of that people, they could not postpone the elections any longer and with the integrity of knowing they are on the road to justice they made the ballot boxes explode in a clamor that vindicates their whole history.

With our brothers Lucho Arce and David Choquehuanca, together with the historic leadership of Comrade President Evo Morales; the people return to govern the Plurinational State of Bolivia, now with the strength gained in these days of tenacious resistance. The triumph of the revolutionary forces in Bolivia shows that the “progressive cycle” that we undertook in the new millennium is alive and that this is the only path for the emancipation and independence of our America.

Jallala Bolivia!!!

Our America, October 19, 2020