Dear Julian Assange, 

We send you a big hug to fill you with strength to come out unscathed from the fierce international, judicial and political persecution, deployed against you for more than 8 years.  May this be a propitious occasion to celebrate your integrity as a human being and to highlight your professional ethics by showing the world the sustenance of those truths that, as shameful as it is, the powerful always want to hide.

Now that the whole world is experiencing and visualizing the omnipresence of corporate power in digital globalization, your analysis and postulates shine through; the commoditization of people’s data is a central value for the digital economy and, moreover, the powerful want to jump from controlling people’s data to controlling them directly at all levels.  Surveillance capitalism is advancing.

Your truths, those of WikiLeaks, glow like a beacon now that, no longer disguised, the warlords pretend to flex their muscles and threaten, block and point weapons at others, disregarding that they are the focus of a pandemic that keeps the world on edge.  Your truths are shining Julian, their war exploits are made of manipulations, half-truths and lies, to avoid revealing their crude territorial occupations and operations of pillaging of resources and destruction of cultures.

And, while the opportunism of financial capital, which will emerge from the pandemic strengthened and ‘rescued’ with public funds, are revealed, the workers lose their possibilities and worse days will come as the new technological era consolidates. However, a hopeful sign is the resistance of the peoples and organizations that increasingly include technological and communicational sovereignty as one of their causes.

The facts that come to light prove you right and highlight the real reasons for the persecution that affects you. Socio-political reasoning dissolves the scripts forged to justify the whimsical ‘legal’ zigzags used to keep you in captivity in Belmarsh.

The Network of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Movements in Defense of Humanity – REDH – sends you a warm and sincere embrace offered by friends, while reiterating the demand for your freedom, as it has been doing for a long time in public Declarations and Manifestos.  And we insist on our call for respect, for due process, non-extradition and your immediate release Julian, you courageous and outspoken journalist.

Thank you for your defense of humanity. 

Executive Secretariat Network of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Movements in Defense of Humanity