October 15, 2019

The Network in Defense of Humanity expresses deep concern for the undermining of democracy and persistent institutional deterioration in Ecuador during the last two years, especially during the last month in which, openly adopting dictatorial expressions, the Lenin Moreno Administration has violently abused human rights against those who express to be in opposition with harsh economic and social measures.

The entire world has witnessed astonishing abuses committed by governmental forces against the population because they publicly demonstrated against an agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which they felt were detrimental for the Ecuadorean population and institutions. This aggression has resulted in 8 deaths; 1,192 prisoners; 1,340 injured; and 100 disappeared victims.

The Ecuadorean people have expressed their disagreement with a series of regressive “initiatives” in the economic, geopolitical fields, in matters of safety, social policies, and others, aimed at presenting a structural option opposed to the Constitution and sovereign planning. We warn that seeking to hide such incongruence the Government has carried out an authoritarian assault without precedents in the recent history of the country.

The Network urges the immediate return to democratic institutionalism, demilitarizing of the country, to fully reinstate universal human rights, and to respect international instruments that regulate the relationship among countries.

We denounce the violations of the freedom of expression and we condemn that some media outlets have been closed, journalists have been intimidated, along with censorship and threats being leveled against universities and social organizations.

The Network strongly condemns the intensified political persecution against leaders and militants of the Citizen Revolution Movement. We denounce the encouragement of hatred, discrimination and the criminalization of politics, used by the Government against those who defend ideas related to progressivism, socialism, and other thinking to improve the conditions of humanity.

We demand the immediate release of Prefect Paola Pabon, arrested without any warrant or legal procedure; we demand as well the release of Virgilio Hernandez, interim president of the Citizen Revolution Movement, and we urge an end to the persecution and threats against members of the parliament who have been forced to seek refuge in the Embassy of Mexico. All those arrested are protected with constitutional rights to disobedience and they must be released.

We call on the United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights to investigate, draft a report and issue a statement about the violations of human rights of the Ecuadorean people, including the identification of judicial abuses.  We urge corresponding reparations and compensations for victims, their families, and communities. All practices undermining the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights; hindering the fulfillment of economic, social and cultural rights; or contrary to protections established in the Universal Declaration, in instruments protecting the indigenous peoples and in the Inter-American Convention on Human rights, shall be identified and rectified.

We urge the U.N. Secretary General to foster the drafting of a report on the infringement of democratic institutionalism and irregularities underlying the violation of the rule of law caused under the Lenin Moreno Administration during the last two years.

We stand on alert against the encouragement of xenophobia and accusations issued against other countries by President Moreno himself, arousing hostilities among sister nations and even backing the United States’ intention to occupy the region and totally control its territories and resources.

The Network in Defense of Humanity welcomes the achievements of the Ecuadorean people, the indigenous movement, women, and people’s organizations who altogether, bravely and firmly, peacefully and heroically, managed to revoke Decree 883, which was intended to be imposed by the Ecuadorean Government in collaboration with the IMF, the two of them indifferent to the people’s suffering. We urge national and international vigilance so as to prevent that this Decree is not replaced by another with a different number but with the same contents.

Secretary of the Network of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Movements in Defense of Humanity

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