The Network in Defense of Humanity-Cuba joins the denunciation on the suspension of the Twitter accounts of dozens of journalists and media that took place on September 11 at 6:30 PM, at the same time as Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, President of the Councils of State and Ministries of the Republic of Cuba began a special appearance on television.

The U.S. government invests a lot of resources in order to silence the Cuban reality, to sharpen the blockade and to promote subversive actions of all kinds. As we know, the State Department’s Internet Task Force for Cuba was created to carry out these and other related operations on social networks, in alliance with the information and communication transnationals. This time Twitter has starred in one of the crudest maneuvers that contradicts all its norms and terms of use to limit and affect the exercise of the right of expression of Cubans and the communication of its institutions and media with the rest of the world. This is a true affront to the much vaunted freedom of expression that it advocates. Everything is a big lie, but we already knew that.

This treacherous action was also extended to the accounts of the Cuban chapter of the Network in Defense of Humanity and those of intellectuals, artists, cultural promoters, officials and cultural media. Such is the case of the accounts of the REDH-Cuba and Cuba-EDH @edhcuba, @soshumanidad and @clio1968, of directors of the Ministry of Culture, also in the case of some vice-ministers and directors related to the work in communication and information, the Cuban intellectual Abel Prieto @AbelPrieto11, director of the Office of the Martiano Program and President of the Cultural Society José Martí, accounts like those of the Cultural Magazine, La Jiribilla @LaJiribilla, the Newspaper Cubarte @Periodicocubart, and also of the promoters like Octavio Fraga @CineReverso and Yansert F. León @yansert, to mention just a few of those suspended. Many others were disqualified during the appearance of the president and the ministers who accompanied him. In other words, it was a deliberate, planned and openly hostile action against the culture and media of the island.

We knew that culture bothers the enemies of the Cuban Revolution, as well as the resistance and our victories.

In short, in this way, we will never have a way to understand each other…

Network in Defense of Humanity-Cuban Chapter

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