In August 2018, the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, announced to the world a Campaign promoted by a group of Latin American intellectuals to declare August 9 as International Day of US Crimes against Humanity. On that day in 1945, the United States dropped its second atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Nagasaki.

This call was well received and supported by the people of Latin American and the leadership of countries that have suffered and are suffering from the incessant and criminal harassment of US imperialism in its drive to impose its absolute dominance in the hemisphere.

The Internationalist Anti-imperialist Front maintains that imperialist war includes all kinds of interventions on those who hinder or resist the domination of the US and its allies. These include economic war, media war, political and judicial harassment, mercenary armies, terrorist groups and all kinds of criminalization of their victims.

History is relentless; since 1945  the U.S. has intervened 64 times in Latin America, in 20 countries, 36 of them were military actions; more than 35 times it has done so directly in various parts of the world, and on countless and continuous occasions  it does so covertly. It reinforces militarism with instruments such as NATO, it violates international law more and more explicitly and increasingly, breaches its commitments, agreements, treaties and international institutions and treaties.

We make a call to support the Campaign contained in the World Declaration against US Crimes against Humanity, which is transcribed below. This text was written by sociologist Atilio A. Boron, writer Alejo A. Brignole, researcher Telma Luzzani, and journalist and writer Stella Calloni, as part of the campaign for August 9 – International Day of US Crimes against Humanity.

The campaign can be supported individually or on behalf of an organization or both.

If you sign as an individual, please indicate your name, title and country.

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Further actions of this Campaign will be duly announced on our website.



That civilization, understood as a plural, diverse and multicultural expression that shelters all human manifestations, coexistence among peoples and provides the natural framework for the full development of human beings, strongly condemns U.S. political and military actions throughout the world that flagrantly violates international conventions, humanist values and the protocols of international law set forth in the framework of the United Nations and in organizations created to make possible just coexistence among the  people of the world


WE DENOUNCE AND CONDEMN the repeated expressions of programmed horror practiced by the various state apparatuses of the United States throughout the world. We also condemn their attempts to legitimize the military and diplomatic violence they exercise, appealing in their speeches and proclamations to democratic and republican principles, which are violated both in their foreign and domestic policies.

WE DENOUNCE AND CONDEMN the fact that throughout the twentieth century, and throughout the course of this twenty-first century, the United States has promoted, used, perfected and legalized torture as a method of achieving economic, repressive and ideological domination objectives. We understand that this systematic, continuous and methodologically organized use has ended up naturalizing everything that civilization must eradicate. This includes terror, the cruel and ruthless abuse of some people against others, the domination of some nations over the rest, State terrorism, and the disintegration of the moral will that every human person must possess, but that the fear of torture vanishes.

WE DENOUNCE AND CONDEMN the irrefutable signs given by the United States as a torturing state that not only applies, but legitimizes violence, organizing resources and people for torture, deploying these capabilities around the world, publishing manuals to instruct on forms of torment and training specialists for these tasks against humanity.

WE DENOUNCE AND CONDEMN the unilateral actions of the United States all over the world which while pretending to be legal by using world democratic forums such as the United Nations, contravene any principle of coexistence between nations, generating unnecessary wars and millions of deaths dispersed in multiple conflicts, together with the destruction of cities and infrastructures all over the world, thus bringing degradation, death and despair to millions of human beings, simply because they do not accept the policies imposed by Washington.

WE DENOUNCE AND CONDEMN the fact that the United States has a thousand military bases all over the world, because this presence turns that country into a colonialist, oppressive and irrefutably imperialist nation that not only perverts the humanist ideals with which it was founded in 1776, but also turns the rest of the world into a captive camp of its military power, without any international organization or forum authorizing or enabling it.

WE DENOUNCE AND CONDEMN the fact that the United States carries out selective murders all over the world, that it finances and builds clandestine detention centers for holding people, that it promotes political persecution followed by death or torture for thousands of intellectuals, activists and social leaders who do not agree with the strategies of the United States in the world, understanding that such practices promote a system of retrograde international coexistence that degrades civilization.

WE DENOUNCE AND CONDEMN the fact that the United States exercises in its diplomacy and with its military and economic power, repeated, intentional and programmed violations of a large part of the principles contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, sanctioned by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1948, making the United States the nation that has most violated and is currently violating all the articles contained in said Universal Declaration. And that, therefore, should be considered a nation dangerous for world coexistence and contrary to all humanism, because it promotes the dissolution of fraternal ties that should be the basis of civilization, damaging harmony among nations.

The peoples and nations of the world DENOUNCE AND CONDEMN the militaristic actions, armed interventionism and political interference of the United States in different countries, whose most visible consequences are death, famines, the destruction of social fabric and basic infrastructure through bombings, invasions and attacks by land and air, they succeed in sweeping away everything that does not suit U.S. global supremacy, turning the planet into an unstable place condemned to suffering, only to satisfy the cravings of a single dominant national state lacking an effective humanist morality.

Finally, WE DENOUNCE AND CONDEMN all propaganda and discursive attempts by the United States to show itself as a nation defending humanity, democracy and the best ideals for international coexistence, since none of this is consistent with the actions that can be observed in its modern history. Today we know that the resources that the United States allocates to humanitarian aid and cooperation projects and incentives to democracy are conceived to obtain strategic results or to install the concept that the United States is a benefactor nation, instead of an aggressor State that tortures, oppresses and limits the development of nations and societies throughout the world.

Because U.S. military and political actions have violated human dignity in many and varied ways, sowing death, malnutrition, economic backwardness, promoting and financing dictatorships, assassinating militants and humanist leaders, disappearing and massively torturing people, bombing cities and defenseless civilian populations.

WE DECLARE AND WARN: That for their subsistence, future generations will have to understand and then act politically to put an end to the necrophilic, militaristic and imperialist philosophy that the United States of America applies to its international crimes, including the serious ecological crimes that it commits for its exclusive economic benefit and that of its transnational corporations scattered throughout the world, further delaying the signing of international protocols and undermining agreements for ecological defense and pollution reduction.

That the preventive wars, the programmed tortures and the persecution of opponents together with the devastation of ecosystems all over the planet imposed by a philosophy of infinite profit, must cease. And for that to happen, the peoples of the world have the imperative to respond to the systematic destruction imposed by Washington’s foreign policy.

That without ignoring or abjuring the multiple contributions of the American people and society to humankind in the fields of science, culture, art and technological progress, we must condemn everything that perverts, degrades and dilutes those valuable contributions to the world, understanding and defending the idea that no nation has a greater right over another, nor any culture, human society can arrogate to itself the right to domination and tutelage of any kind.

NOW THEREFORE: In the face of the multitude of American crimes against humanity, we designate a commemorative date in honor of those peoples, countries and societies that were crushed by the will and ambition of a single State that seeks to subdue almost every nation in the world by different methods. From the remote islands of the Pacific, to the European States, from Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, Asia or Latin America, all have suffered on their soil the ravages of militarism and the interventionist diplomacy of the United States.

In this historical and humanist perspective, which is free of sectarian ideologies, rather than those which encourage a universal and horizontal humanism…

WE PROMOTE: That the 9th of August be recognized by the nations of the world, as the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF U.S. CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, because that 9th of August 1945 was the day on which the city of Nagasaki was unnecessarily destroyed by a second atomic attack. Bombardment of genocidal magnitudes that was carried out in order to send a dissuasive message to the Soviet Union about U.S. power and that caused a brutal massacre among the civilian population. May this date be one of many that could serve as a disgraceful reminder to civilization of U.S.’s role in the history of the last century and its contempt for human life.

All the peoples of the world who feel united by fraternal ideals, by principles of peaceful coexistence and harmony in diversity, can raise this universal slogan to allow Civilization to continue an edifying path based on equality before the law and with an international law freed from hegemonies and sectarian dominations.