Network of Intellectuals, Actors and Social Movements in Defense of Humanity

The Network of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Movements in Defense of Humanity warns about an escalation of harassment and persecution of political leaders, intellectuals and social activists, unleashed by the government of Ecuador in connection with handing over Julian Assange to the British government.

We are concerned that in order to justify such a nefarious decision, a campaign of criminalization has been unleashed towards new practices of knowledge and free technology, even against any element related to the sovereignty and digital security of the citizenry.

We caution about the persecution announced by national authorities against political leaders as happens with the leader of the Citizen Revolution Movement, Ricardo Patiño, using false assumptions and arguments that associate progressive or leftist ideas with “computer crime” and apocryphal destabilization plans,

We alert to the persecution of those who defend free software or who propose practices of digital sovereignty that are accessible and secure. These alternatives to the dominant corporate practices — concentration and use of data for surveillance and commercialization — are recognized by many countries that are adopting legislation to protect their citizenry from abuses.

We make an urgent call to the government of Ecuador to respect the human and constitutional rights that protect freedom of thought and expression, the free circulation of ideas, as well as the right to information and knowledge. All these aspects are the essence of democracy in the age of information and knowledge. The opposite, we warn, leads to fascism.

Network of Intellectuals, Actors and Social Movements in Defense of Humanity

April 14, 2019

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