Statement of the Network of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Movements in Defense of Humanity Against the Imperialist Plan Being Deployed in Latin America

March 2019

In view of the recent declarations of the fascist government of Jair Bolsonaro, which has led to the vindication of the military coup of 1964, and which has been joined by other ultra-rightists in the region who are not hiding their nostalgia for dictatorships and their open subordination to the American empire in their struggle to avoid the emancipation of the people of our region, we have the historical obligation to condemn such infamy.

The crimes against humanity committed by the military dictatorships, including the Brazilian dictatorship, were carried out within the framework of the National Security Doctrine that the United States deployed in the region in order to prevent the people – in the face of the triumph of the Cuban Revolution and of each country’s own internal contradictions – from continuing to awaken in order to advance in their struggle for the conquest of political sovereignty and economic independence.

Now, overwhelmed by its hegemonic decline, the United States and the conservative right are deploying a permanent and total political-military strategy against progressive and left-wing governments, but above all against the people, in order to regain control of Latin America and the Caribbean. With old and new political, economic, communicational and military methods, the aim is to put an end to the democracies of those countries that have achieved significant and incomparable degrees of expansion of rights, as are the cases of Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Cuba. Their aim is to replace them with supposed democracies and the economies of transnational corporations and the free market, or to continue encouraging a greater restriction of those democracies of countries governed by subordinates to the North American strategy, as is the case of Colombia, Chile, Honduras, Argentina and others.

Therefore, the abominable call to commemorate the long years of terror that plagued Latin America and the Caribbean is not only an affront to the tens of thousands of victims of dictatorships, but a reactionary and conservative call, with a high dose of fascism, to again sow fear, mourning and darkness in the region.

We call for permanent mobilizations against oblivion of the past, for the truth of historical facts and justice, committing ourselves to disseminate from all possible spaces the investigations of the Truth Commissions and call for trials of those responsible for these human rights crimes carried out in the framework of state terrorism that occurred during those military dictatorships. Memory, truth and justice! The fight goes on!

Memory, truth and justice! The fight goes on! 

Executive Secretariat

Network of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Movements in Defense of Humanity

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