February 3, 2019

Thousands of men and women defenders of the country gathered on Bolivar Avenue on Saturday, in Caracas, to give strong support to President Nicolás Maduro, and to tell the world, especially Donald Trump, that Venezuela has to be respected.

From early in the morning, Bolívar Avenue began to fill with people who arrived and greeted each other and embraced each other, with the Venezuelan flag in their hands. They waved it in the wind, cheerful and with the conviction to come out in the street to defend their homeland.

Meanwhile in Las Mercedes, in eastern Caracas, opposition people also gathered in Plaza Alfredo Sadel to support Trump. A U.S. flag was displayed on the stage as a demonstration of their love for that country. The notes of the U.S. anthem were also heard there. And a statue of Liberty with the colors of the national flag, yellow, blue, and red, and with the face of the self proclaimed Guaido, they walked down the street.

Two demonstrations. Two countries. Venezuela and the United States. However, in Avenida Bolívar, the faces of the great majority were of joy and happiness, while in Las Mercedes you could see rage and discontent, because in spite of the fact that eight days have passed since the self-sworn man they are supporting as president, they are frustrated because what they want to happen has not happened. It seems like the only thing that could make them happy is a military invasion by the United States whose interference began the very moment that President Chavez came to power in December 1998 without achieving their objective.

Saturday marked the 20th anniversary of the swearing-in of Hugo Chávez as President of the Republic of Venezuela, and now, by decree of Chávez, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. And that date is not easily forgotten by the people, because from that moment on, with that phrase of the electoral campaign: “With Chavez the people rules,” the people began to feel that it was true, and became participants and protagonists of that democracy that is now defending from the coup of the imperial United States, now led by President Donald Trump with the self- sworn deputy Guaidó in tow.

When President Nicolás Maduro arrived on Avenida Bolívar, the shouting and enthusiasm caught on in each of the thousands of people attending the demonstration in support of his mandate. And once at the podium he assumed his legitimate position, and said that here on May 20 a legal election was held, where he was elected by a large majority. And that now he proposed to hold the elections to re-legitimize the legislative power. He also claimed that this year, he promised that Venezuela was going to recover economically, and was going to win. In addition, he asked the Constituent Assembly, its president Diosdado Cabello, to approve the Anti-Corruption Law next week.

In other words, in his speech he made it very clear that he has been working to achieve what has been proposed, to win this economic war, which everyone knows has been imposed by the U.S. government with its sanctions and its financial blockade to prevent the purchase of food and medicine. And in the end, along with the people crowding Bolívar Avenue, he took the oath to defend the homeland from anyone who tries to go against the law. He swore this by Bolívar, by Chávez, by Guaicaipuro, by Negro Primero.

While different social networks share photos of the gigantic demonstration of support to Maduro, with all certainty these images will be invisible for the big media that have been supporting the coup all along, of what the president called “the invisible to the media”. As Spanish journalist Pascual Serrano rightly pointed out, the media is once again supporting another coup in Venezuela, as they did on April 11, 2002, with another self- proclaimed pretender, that time it came from Pedro Carmona Estanga.

Before this gigantic demonstration that took place in Caracas, large demonstrations also occured in Monagas, in Lara, in Barinas, in Yaracuy, in Cojedes, in Miranda, in Carabobo, and in Apure. The world and its political leaders and their organizations have to assume a clearer position, because it is evident that in Venezuela the people want peace and justice, to continue sharing with the national majorities what Simón Bolívar called the greatest sum of happiness.


Source: Con el Mazo Dando, translated by Resumen Latinoamericano, North American bureau

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