People of the world,

I am a political prisoner. Now with hatred without limits I have been transferred from one prison to another for no reason, except for revenge and an attempt to humiliate me. My life is in danger.

Someone in the world must do something, the Holy See, the UN, the OAS, the Inter-American Court, the Hague Court, Jurists of the world, human rights organizations.. someone.

The judicialization of politics must be considered a crime against humanity. They use crimes such as illicit association to sentence without evidence. This is why entities and jurists of the world must come to Ecuador to see what is happening in a country with a non-appointed Comptroller, a finger appointed Prosecutor “in charge” and a Judiciary Council. I ask the world to come and review my case as well as that of Rafael Correa and other comrades. Someone must stop this political carnage.

I have declared myself on an indefinite hunger strike, until they come to see what is happening in Ecuador. Stop the political carnage! The world cannot be indifferent to the political persecution of every progressive leader in Latin America.

Enough is enough!

This plea is not only for myself, and for my comrades. This is a cry to the world. I am a person, I have a family and they are violating all of my human rights. I am very sorry for the pain I am causing my family with this decision, but there are causes worth dying for.

Until victory always!

Jorge Glas Espinel

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